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First Basic Tutorial with Fanny, what do you think about it?
Fanny Advanced Tutorial coming up next!
Let me know in the comments below, which video / tutorial I should do next!

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  1. Remember to Subscribe and click on the 'Bell' next to Subscribed button to receive notifications on my future uploads!

    Let's go guys!!

  2. Lancelot tutorial please

  3. Are you zxuan your fake

  4. ILOVE❤❤❤❤❤

  5. I am girl. Can a girl be as good as you? Or this hero just works only for boys?
    I just really wanna rank up but no one helps so I decided to do solo. I decided to use Fanny. I've seen mostly uses this hero are boys. So am i alone?

  6. Wondefull tutorial fanny

  7. Kak zxuan my ingin skin fanny skylark boleh gx kak

  8. Zxuan vs soloz vs jessnolimit vs little kid I don't know the name but gud at fanny

  9. you are really good fanny player
    if you watch my videos i am trying to be good too.
    thanks for inspiring zxuan 😀

  10. Pilipino ka?
    Like moto..

  11. Its gameplay btw non tips and trick att all just tips choosing a item. You should do step by step using the cable becasue number one of hard to play fanny is second skill it called cable

  12. 3mins but level 8 wow
    It is like you are playing brawl ,?

  13. Kak Zxuan GG banget pakek Fanny nya ini bahasa indonesia

  14. 1 month later..im still noob ?

  15. Fantastic combo,sensei

  16. Im using the zx official but the magic blade I replaced it with rose gold meteor

  17. Make a Turtorial Cable's

  18. What happened to your english?

  19. Please follow my id. My idol zxuan

  20. Tutorial frestyle cable fanny

  21. Thanks it helped a lot

  22. wkwkwk kalo ka zxuan ya sudah pro ya ga ada bandingan nya dengan nob sepertiku

  23. Noob Queen and Yesue is better than every fanny users

  24. Thanks for your tutorial zx

  25. This Helped Me Bro Thank You ?

  26. 1 by 1 with mikasa,broo

  27. Is zxuan really back??

  28. A fanny can easily 1v5

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