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Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends Bang Bang
Mobile Legends 5v5
Mobile Legends Fanny Gameplay
Mobile Legends Best Fanny
Mobile Legends Fanny Build
Mobile Legends Fanny Guide

Fanny Wallspam Savage Series |Fanny Montage #11| Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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  1. Leave a Like if you relate 😂😂

  2. l am 40% game fanny

  3. i laugh everytime jawhead throw her inside the enemys turret hahahaha

  4. My winrate!
    Me using fanny (kills/12)( deaths/1 )(assists/30)

  5. me playing fanny
    Ranked: 18/2/7
    Classic: 24/3/5
    A.I: 30/1/12

    Winrate: 78.5%

  6. Me using fanny
    13kills 8deaths 27assist
    (KS TEAM)

  7. It is good than Zxuan 😂

  8. For me I think fanny is hard to learn or hard to use if your a starter.

    But I already MASTERED fanny.
    Edit: Im not actually the best on using FANNY

  9. Bongok Fanny Noob !!! ALL NOOB !!!

  10. Well he is better than the enemy fanny

  11. But you are so well. 08:55 noob can't do that. I think this is not sarcastic, you are truly good.

  12. Wow exelent farming

  13. Hahaha so overpowered

  14. I'm more pro☺️☺️

    As walking fanny😂😂

  15. That video made my day 😂 i only know 2 cable wtf!!😂😂💔

  16. Fuck your jawhead.. Fuck your mom

  17. Whats the intro song😍

  18. She is the worst fanny in the world but she knows how to farm? THAT'S WEIRD!! WHEN I WAS THE WORST FANNY IN THE WORLD I DIDN'T EVEN KNEW WHAT BUFF MEANS AND WHY I NEEDED IT😂😂😂😂

  19. Me using fanny when is was 10 months:
    10 kills 3 death 13 assists
    Im still noob

  20. He is good not because of his winrate thats because of his rank is hard to use fanny in mythic rank.👍

  21. aq x suka team yg ada Jawhead

    troll skill 2 dia buat org sakit hati je

  22. 9:31 damn that was awesome 😄

  23. I feel pathetic for him but at least he try his best


  25. Wheres the funny part

  26. Subscribe my channel and u will see the best fanny and be patient and wait my vedios

  27. Im so proud with 47% win rate omg 🤣🤣

  28. there is elite rank player in your team

  29. Did they really have to call her “Fanny” though. Where I’m from “fanny” means vagina..

  30. i had enough of this😂

  31. i suck at all assasin

  32. you can feel his trying..

  33. I play exactly the same

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