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I just want everyone to be aware that there are fake accounts of me so make sure to click the links below and also check my ML IDs to make sure its my real accounts.
Please do not share your email and password to anyone just to have free diamonds.
Do not be scammed for free skins. I will only give skins when i make skin giveaway events here on Youtube.
I will not ask for your ID and IGN (also i do not want to see it) if you are not a skin giveaway winner.

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»» FAQ
Q. Screen Recorder?
A. Screen Flow for iOS using Mac and built in game recorder on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Q. Favorite hero?
A. Hayabusa, Clint and Saber, but for now i’m playing tank and support more.
Q. Can i play with you?
A. Please look forward of me doing “Let’s PLay Event” where i play with anyone, which has 10% chance of happening because lately i have been busy.
Q. Are you a girl or boy?
A. I am a grown up person. Thank you.

Newly Revamped Fanny Gameplay Highlights! | Mobile Legends – Updates | MLBB

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  1. Didnt understand a single word but i did learn something?

  2. I always mess with fanny

  3. Can i ask hororo what device you using ?

  4. Someone called me dumb for using fanny and kept swearing at me. He had more deaths than me and even threatened to report me so I left the match… IDC about the violation, I just wasn't in the mood to deal with him at that time. If he wasn't a real psychopath, he wouldn't have judged me and underestimated me for using fanny, He was also my teammate and he kept dying. He was blaming it all on me for no valid reason

  5. My id.114924302(2584)

  6. I want skin fanny please

  7. Fanny full build

  8. Oof im not lagging mlbb is broken i was tapping the 2nd skill but wont release the rope

  9. i need fast fingers

    anyway she's like in attack on titan

  10. Let me guess you have fanny

  11. Hororo chan Fanny real pro?

  12. I wanted to learn Fanny because out of all the heroes I have, she's the only hero that I can properly use.


  14. I want skylark 🙁

  15. Can u plsss give skin any skin

  16. Oh yeah, I love to practice fanny

  17. Who cares i'm pro invoker and meepo

  18. Because i can't play fanny

  19. I try for hundred time..still not working..so hard to play fanny?

  20. "And go swoosh swoosh" OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH???

  21. I can never learn. It's too tough but not how it seems and you are telling.

  22. I played with my pro fanny friend fanny vs fanny

    I got rekt

  23. They reported me after practice fanny in rank

  24. Can I have 1 skin fanny Skylark plss

  25. Why do I get drain easily when i use fanny? :<

  26. after watching Hororo's Video * plays fanny in classic *
    team: NOOB FANNY

  27. Yess kaso so very hard

  28. Hororo chan can you give that skylark skin please i really hope u will give me the skylark skin my IGN Kirimoto Hayami ID 301061168 Skin Skylark fanny Server Original Server

  29. Fanny is terribly difficult. very terribly but when you mastered her, the enemies will be terrified every time your icon shows up on the map. She's a 'no pain, no gain' type of hero and she can be terrifying if mastered.

  30. I think Fanny need the blue buff or whatever that call

  31. How do you have soo big view??

  32. Skin give ayaw pls my ID is vivo ka

  33. are you da only wan calling fanny cables roooope????

  34. Can you give me skin
    Account:Kero Yamada
    Skin:Campus youth (Fanny)

  35. Starlight of Leo plz

  36. i won skin fanny please

  37. Hororo Chan, I dont want to play Fanny, Because He had Full Difficulty

  38. I wanna play fanny but the build nevermind thank u to the tutorial for fanny i realyyyyyyyylike it????

  39. The only things not let me to play better with fanny its


  40. My phone is the worst for fanny

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