Fanny Cables Guide for you guys.I did my best for the video.
Hope you like it ✌️

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Item Build:
Recommend ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ at the start of the game*
Follow by Sequence!
Build 1: 
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade🌊’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor🌠’ after Wings💉
-Sell ‘Tough Boots👢’ for ‘Immortality🔰’
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ for ‘Blade of Despair🍃’
Utilize ‘Build 1’ when the adversary has a great deal of Crowd Controls (CC) (Stuns)
Build 2:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade🌊’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor🌠’ after Immortality🔰
-Sell ‘Tough Boots👢’ for Wings💉
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ for ‘Blade of Despair🍃’
Utilize ‘Build 2’ when the adversary has more Mage than Physical
Build 3:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade🌊’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor🌠’ after Immortality🔰
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ for ‘Blade of Despair🍃’
Utilize ‘Build 3’ when the adversary has absolutely 0 Crowd Controllers / Stunners

Emblem: Common Assassin Emblem Lv 60
Talent: Bravery (3) Bloodthirst (3) Bounty Hunter (1)

Peace out 🙂

Play Fanny Like Zxuan | Full Fanny Guide and important Cable Combo | Mobile Legends

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