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  1. Satisfying video start at 1:06 .Im sorry i cant play Fanny. So hard to control the cable 😏
    For you guys who came here from recommended videos that says this video fake and only mod. You may dont know who i am. Go @ml_leak on Instagram then you will know me. people on youtube only reupload my content and claim as their.

  2. Miss the black cable even I don't feel it yet, moonton why😣

  3. Ml_leak ijin reupload ya..
    Aku sudah tag kamu
    Chek aja channel ku

  4. Desember Tgl berapa kluarnya skin starlight fany gan?

  5. tanggal berapa bang

  6. the cable is not black yet now

  7. Tornadonya kren auto beli

  8. Why is pink i dont like pink and i user fany

  9. Saya ingin bertanya skin fanny star apakah keluar di original server bulan desember 2018 katanya skin hayabusa keluar bulan desember bagai mana kalau nanti mau beli skin itu apakah satu kali beli dapat 2 skin, skin hayabusa sama skin fanny?…..

  10. What is name apk ????

  11. вσвσ ѕkчlαrk чαn

  12. Anjiing bener moonton, nyesel gini gua beli epic nya asu

  13. AUTO BUY


  14. Jelek nya fanny ni aku suka warna biru

  15. I wait for this moment to buy that skin

  16. Auto Beli Gua Hahaah😎

  17. Asik akhirnya Hero vaforit ane keluar yg cuma seharga 150k

  18. Cable is fake but all skin 1 2 and ultimate real

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