What’s up guys, I know many of you guys were waiting for a good guide to learn fanny step by step.
So here is your first step ✌️

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Fanny Guide
Master Fanny Easily
Mobile Legends Bang Bang
FANNY Detailed Guide mlbb
Fanny Cable Guide
Learn Fanny Mlbb
Mlbb Fanny Trick and tips
Full Fanny Guide

Legends : Fanny best kill moment Es 17 / fanny savage & manic

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  1. Fanny main now thx I need skins name:Gamer Pro skin name:fanny punk princess

  2. Heroes that I wanna master.
    (by rank)
    1. Gossen(Gusion)

    2. Fanny


  3. Give me skin Fanny name deco

  4. what shall I do if ur facing tanks?

  5. What we should skill level first?
    First or second?

  6. thank you for that video I learn many about playing fanny

  7. Do i need tk delete my jungle weapon in late game?

  8. It aint a movement wheel its a thump pad xd

  9. I dont know why but this video sure is satisfying…haha….love it

  10. I realy hate sometimes that fanny get stuned and I die

  11. Thanks you man
    Good vedeos for viggener.

  12. most banned characters: fanny aldous lesley kagura hayabusa hanzo

  13. Nub mentor I wasn't able to learn wall spamming?

  14. When I try to wall spam even tho the enemy is right on the wall fanny rarely swing her blade even tho I'm spamming it

  15. Give me fanny skin please
    Ign:Vin Ellie pro
    Fanny skin any skin

  16. The problem is,I always get sweaty hands when playing a game using her?

  17. Do wall spam to jungle monster. I can't even kill jungle monster by wall spam. I don't know how to do.

  18. wow,this is the best tutourial in fanny..i just sub

  19. Being addicted is a *sin*.

  20. I do a little damage and die easily with fanny. Please make a new build or show this one ?

  21. I'm fanny user too my rank is epic4

  22. Can i recall when i kill a buff?

  23. I don't suggest wall spamming to hard if it's just 1 enemy

  24. Nice and thanks for this guide i can now tower dive…

  25. Prateek tu chutiya he BC tuje khailna nahe ATA bosdeka mat kela Karen to Ash official se kuch see Tera chacha ka ladka he na vo!!!!! BC

  26. thanks for fanny spam guide

  27. Thanks you… Love ur clip ?…

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