send here your fanny best kill moment
……………issue solved


rob gasser-supersonic ncs
angelika vee x gobilns from mars-on the line
t-mass $ enthic -can you feel it NCS

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Fanny New Skin Royal Cavalry | Top 1 Global Fanny | Fanny Gameplay | Royal Cavalry Mobile Legends

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  1. La ultima no gastaba energia

  2. can you put my savage fanny into your video?

  3. I love your intro very Much!!❤❤❤

  4. Pro players play as Fanny
    15 Kills 1 Deaths 2 Assist

    Me play as Fanny
    1 Kills 15 Deaths 7 Assist

  5. Bagi sikit diamond or skin plz Id:242033421(9291

  6. Can you give me a fanny skin
    Account:Kero Yamada
    Skin:Campus Youth

  7. Should I use fighter or assasin emblem?

  8. #Https//you.tube.com//Gio.Akatsuki//

  9. Guys subscribed my channel

  10. i don't know why im so satisfied when i watch this.

  11. My temmate is fanny and he didnt know how to use it

  12. first blood

    double kill

    triple kill



    the speaker has been slain

  13. Thank u at 0:42 that was me Thanks Mate😁

  14. Want a fanny maniac video ? How do i send it to you?

  15. Sub to sub
    1. Subcribe to my channel
    2. Sabihin nyo kung pangilan kayo then sub ku kayo

  16. Ape tajuk lagu first tu


  18. sir what is the music title you enter in the intro before starting the video

  19. Hay teman teman liat saya bermain mobile ligeds nie FANY maniac brow

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