Atomic bomb – https://youtu.be/ymV6L1J54hI
Can you feel it NCS -https://youtu.be/v4h-JW22YhM

send here your fanny best kill moment

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Fanny Mobile Legends : best kill MOMENTS / fanny savage & manic

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  1. I like 3:25 even though its the fake zxuan

  2. 2:57 judul nya apa ?

  3. What is ur Intro Song Plsss

  4. 1 like = play funny

  5. what's the title of the intro sir?

  6. What the build are you

  7. Hi.. How to submit a video..iwant to submit my video.. Fanny maniac😎..4v1

  8. The video start crazy at the 5:00

  9. So cool and awesome

  10. Di na ba ako uso?

  11. Im not good at fany 😳

  12. Lawan master ya wkwkwk

  13. Btw it's maniac not manic

  14. Wats the intro song pls

  15. Id:249863936(9312)

  16. what the song in the intro

  17. lagu intro nya apya??

  18. Alucard is one who can defeat fanny

  19. They ganna report them cuz for being pro?

    The hell!?!

  20. Could i ask what recorder yall use?

  21. Subscribe to my channel I'm giving free giveaway skin😊

  22. Im here for mikasa

  23. But were how can i send it?

  24. Can i share my savage gameplay? In fanny?

  25. Abang gw udah mt

  26. Macam murid mikasa ni mantap jiwa 👍👍👍👍

  27. Kunjungi Chanel aku dong kak auto subscriber back nantik kak.

  28. The reason to quit mlbb

  29. Judul kampungan

  30. Power of wallspam

  31. Wtff the energy??

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