Music: can you feel it NCS https://youtu.be/v4h-JW22YhM
Heavyweight NCS https://youtu.be/otD-XbAhMbU
Intro song: https://youtu.be/x1vNyOm1dlE

send here your fanny best kill moment
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Fanny Mobile Legends : best kill Moment Es 3 / Fanny savage & manic

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Brutal Burst Damage Skylark by Legend of Fanny! 미카사 a.k.a Mikasa Top 1 Global Fanny ~ Mobile Legends

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  1. Manic are you serius

  2. I told u that u will have 100k and it come true

  3. How can i send my savage fanny?

  4. In the title .fanny savge and manic hahahah manic hahah
    Go home u noob

  5. Masukin gw maniac dong di channel aku gw pakai fanny channel ku ANTOLIEM 08

  6. Bye one ama gw aja😎

  7. The title did u mean maniac XD

  8. who notice that title "manic"

  9. Any new fanny players

  10. I have video fany savage

  11. 1242033421(9291)
    Give away pls
    User fanny too

  12. Plz send a skin…. My I'd 221852739

  13. I am better than zxuan

  14. I got a moba ad

  15. Best skin ever skylark😍😍😍

  16. Saya punya video fany saya savage. masukin dong

  17. What is the song when start clip

  18. They say Danny can get savage half hp

    Hanzo can get savage full hp

  19. Kasi sekian faniyy

  20. 1.I woke up
    2.Played Mobile Legends Bang Bang
    3.Used Fanny
    4.Had savage

    Actually it is like 2., 3. ,4. ,1.

  21. Some of them fail to savage

  22. The 3rd one is a newbie.

  23. The fanny in 4.18 is my friend

  24. fidio ku post juga dong bang

  25. Id:249863936(9312)

  26. gua mau pensiun dari dunia MLBB sory MOONTON yg mau pindah KOMEN yg netep MLBB like?

  27. why manic😑👉👌

  28. 4:57 doesn't know how to wallspam

  29. Can i send my maniac? Hehe…
    (Please reply :/ )

  30. This happened to me
    double kill
    triple kill
    *sava-(match ends)

  31. JUST DO IT!!!😂😂😂

  32. Maling Vidio dmna tuh

  33. Indo Gak Ada Yg nonton?

    Lol Can like?

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