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Mobile Legends Fanny Montage
Mobile Legends Fanny FreeStyle
Mobile Legends Xfinity Tshirts and Designs


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Elektronomia – Energy (NCS Release)
T-Mass Enthic – Can you feel it (NCS Release)


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Tutorial belajar Hero Fanny Map Baru Mobile legends Untuk Pemula

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  1. Wanna submit your Fanny clips too?
    Mail your Fanny clips to us at [email protected]gmail.com OR upload your clip on Google Drive and send us the link on our mail!
    Kindly try to record your clip in the BEST QUALITY POSSIBLE! (Try not to edit the video or add any music in it)

    How was the video and more importantly, did you guys like the designs of the T-shirts? Kindly let us know what we should work more into!
    Thanks for Watching!♥

  2. Somebody in top global in fanny here?

  3. Sub to my channel pls

  4. Love yah xfininty loll

  5. The secret is to farm a lot.

  6. Campus youth skin pls

  7. I want my name in myvt shirt

  8. What she has no damge😕😕

  9. Im from philippines sta rosa nueva ecija brgy lourdes sta rosa homes blk 8 lot 2 i need that t shirt im a big fan of your i love ur video

  10. Чоо откуда у них столько маны
    У меня с бафом ее меньше

  11. Sir! How to get some t-shirt? We will give some clip for fanny montage?

  12. Plz free skin and diamods

  13. 6:12 How can i buy that 😱

  14. I want fanny but i can't play it well

  15. At 5:04 u think he savage?!!😐😐

  16. Still learning her cables

  17. If u wanna play fanny and u want to be good like them? I suggest make sure your ping is down to 30MS because 50 or 60 isn’t good enough I’ve been playing fanny for almost 2months and my ping is 50 – 80 it’s very useless the lag still there.. then since my ping is 20-30 I am better now u can feel the good in game play and my fanny is top player..hope u can read this (y) and try it u really like it :))

  18. Teplay yang menangbang

  19. Bang gua ada nick

  20. Can you please teach me how to escape gm I cant handle those situations using fanny ib late game

  21. Where i cant buy this caos?

  22. Nice shirts amazing 😎😎😎😎😎

  23. What the hell,,,,first blood and maniac,,,, lol

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