Here’s a fanny guide for you guys.I did my best for the video.
Hope you like it ✌️

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Item Build:
Recommend ‘Nimble Blade?’ at the start of the game*
Follow by Sequence!
Build 1: 
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade?’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor?’ after Wings?
-Sell ‘Tough Boots?’ for ‘Immortality?’
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade?’ for ‘Blade of Despair?’
Utilize ‘Build 1’ when the adversary has a great deal of Crowd Controls (CC) (Stuns)
Build 2:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade?’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor?’ after Immortality?
-Sell ‘Tough Boots?’ for Wings?
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade?’ for ‘Blade of Despair?’
Utilize ‘Build 2’ when the adversary has more Mage than Physical
Build 3:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade?’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor?’ after Immortality?
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade?’ for ‘Blade of Despair?’
Utilize ‘Build 3’ when the adversary has absolutely 0 Crowd Controllers / Stunners

Emblem: Common Assassin Emblem Lv 60
Talent: Bravery (3) Bloodthirst (3) Bounty Hunter (1)

Peace out 🙂

Begitu GANAS Fanny Mikasa Saat Mengunakan Skin Skylark – Mobile Legends

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  1. Watch The Cable Mechanism Fanny Guide Here :- https://youtu.be/mO5ea3R1JDI

  2. really good to teach me Fanny plesss

  3. I really do not like using the retribution in the buff right away because my teammate ks the buff hahshs

  4. Take minion first and then the buff and you can get level 3

    But actually many i dont know about this
    Like leveling up skill 2 first

    Good job

  5. 8:45 at right time you can see the thumbnail xD

  6. How to have more mana on Fanny?

  7. What's wrong with that aldous tho???

  8. Give me skin atleast 1 skin of any hero my name in mobile legend is ELIZAH01 please give me..

  9. 9999like vardi dayanamadim atyim bi like

  10. what if my enemy attàcks?

  11. Guys patulong naman kahit subscribe lang pag umabot ng 1000 subscriber mag bibigay ako ng load promise please help me

  12. Skin:alucard romantic fantasy idol plss

  13. I love it, and thanks ??

  14. Thanks for the video you made now i know the basics thank you

    ID:249477863 (3580)
    SKIN:campus youth
    Rank:epic 5 4 stars

  15. 2798242
    iwnt skin is miya Susishine

  16. Bruh adavance os advance bruh

  17. How do you make your intro?

  18. Who can tell me ? Gusion and fanny which one strong.

  19. Wow.. Useful vid.. thx

  20. I remember, when I first played as fanny,

    Used the second skill and the turret eXeCUtEd me

  21. Id: 57534197
    I want skin of kimmy

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