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In this video-
How to Fanny?
Basic guide on Fanny.
3-4 Cable Combos
How to 3 cable with Fanny?
Fanny skills Explained In-Depth!
Ropes/Grapples from Base to Buffs.
Ropes/Grapples from Base to Lanes.
SkillCombo Guide.
Important Tips And Tricks!
Updated Builds/Gears set up for Fanny.

Mikasa Fanny Skylark Perfect Match – Top 1 Global Fanny by 미카사 – Mobile Legends

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  1. Hello Guys!
    GiveawayWinner at the End
    I hope you liked the Guide!♥
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  2. Wow thanks for the tip you were great 👏👏✋✋👌👌

  3. Very useful than other highlights…

  4. I trained alot to become a pro fanny

  5. Here is the master at cable !!

  6. Just bought fanny and shes super difficult even though im a gusion user.

  7. I can do 4 cable combo

  8. Can anyone explain me Why & How doesn't decrease when he did WallScam
    Any Can use wallscam against Lord & Turtel
    In the video they were stationary So could I be able use it in Live game

  9. Ill just giveout mu tip for my self:
    Because if you gank and your getting low on health you could use aegis to make your flex longer and not die

    Pls dont get mad its just my own tip

  10. Im so noob using fanny i want to lern him

  11. it my first time here and i love the tutorial

  12. Thanks you bro

  13. Need ko skin fanny😭😭 name: secrettroy. Please😭😭

  14. I don't have Fast Hands So I'm just Gonna stick with Hanabi LOL

  15. This gives me confidence to use Fanny, Kudos for the content…


  17. i like these video

  18. My assassin emblem is lvl 23 is it ok??

  19. For professionals they use tank build.
    For beginner they use damage build

  20. Please set another guide for fanny …how to kill enemies easily

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