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Just for fun guys 😀

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So this is it enjoy Mobile Legends Fanny Funny Moments Episode 999

Mobile Legends 300 IQ Genius Plays Moments Episode x
Credits :
Kevin MacLeod – Mechanolith.mp4

Kevin MacLeod – There It Is.mp4

Kevin MacLeod – Mister Exposition.mp4

Kevin MacLeod – Mistake the Getaway.mp4

Crowd Relief – Free Sound Effects.mp4

SOUND EFFECTS PACK! – 50 NON COPYRIGHTED SOUND EFFECTS! (Good for Improving YouTube Videos!).mp4

Kevin MacLeod – Take a Chance.mp4

all credits music:
just ask me lol

1 menit belajar Fanny ML langsung bisa..

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Ternyata Via Vallen bisa maen ML pakai hero Fanny, WOW😯😯😯. Mobile Legend: Bang Bang #SEASON13

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  1. At 10:54 that is Harley died as venom squad.

  2. IGN: kill-em
    ID: 234470026
    SKIN: Thamuz liquid fire

    Please hehe thank you

  3. music of dotawatafak lol

  4. diggie became so annoying hero

  5. Hampir semua vidio gua tonton, tp blom dapet skin sama sekali, plis lah kasi gua satu skin aja😥😥

  6. Johnson has some bad luck in his hand hahaha

  7. And that how to be team work in mobile legends 🙂

  8. I heard this game is PUBG

  9. Wht's the name of the song in 2:58 pls i wanna know

  10. how gusion like that ?

  11. O oh retard alert 😂😂😂😂

  12. Ini gw satu-satunya yg komen indo?

  13. Damn I wish my teammates was like chou ❤

  14. I wish skin chou 😆 please

  15. No one gonna thank the layla and miya for saving saber's savage 4:58

  16. pa yakap po promise yakapin ku din kayo

  17. It looks like johnson drive over an IED's in Iraq hahaha

  18. How to pass driving lessons in ml
    make someone die instead of you 2:06

  19. Franco + diggie = pudge + techies

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