Fanny New Meta Guide for you guys.I did my best for the video.
Hope you like it ✌️

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Mobile Legends Fanny
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Fanny ml
Fanny in Mid lane

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Fanny Mobile Legends : best kill moment Es 2 / fanny savage & manic

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  1. Gege ikan nua bruh

  2. Wow thank my teacher!i got savage went I watch this video

  3. I can play fanny but i m not pro yet.So can i use that new meta build?

  4. 2:43 Ash face THANK ME LATER

  5. Trash… Go play at rank bro.. Not in classic… Fcking trash..

  6. Mid is kind of easy for me but turtle land is litte harf…🤔🤔

  7. Ang mamaw talaga neto ni sir ash

  8. 7:22 why you cpuld unlock ult fase 2 at level 11?

  9. i thought ur server is different ash

  10. Im trying to practice all of the assadins and how they do their jungle😭 its kind of hard for me because i personally dont jungle

  11. Whats the name of the song?

  12. Ash Official r u from India

  13. Thx Ash for letting me know how to play Fanny 👍 have a good day

  14. Fans playing with their Senpai~~~

  15. I enjoyed the conversation

  16. Omg cant believe it that im in a video im the leomord

  17. Don't be afraid to miss a few cables on your first tries as every Fanny isn't perfect!

  18. I also did what you said… Got 10 kills 2 Deaths 6 Assists…. It's on my youtube channel…

  19. Don't need spell vamp?😂😁
    At the early game?

  20. Thanks for build i got twice maniac in 1match

  21. You plsy fanny very wrong

  22. My second name is ashley and they call me ash and i am also surprised by how ash official play O

  23. Good item .. Its better to use Figther Emblem with this item

  24. Ash Official 1vs1 fanny

  25. Ash you r Indian right?

  26. Nice tutorial!!But it still depend on your fcking teams!!Gapping your enemy will be useless if your fcking teams are feeding too!!!😡

  27. On a record we have see perfect a ping, so i know that a fanny gameplay this is a hell, primal lags

  28. Can you tell me the build prefer for 1st build to 6th(farm build not included)

  29. Ash is one of the Best 💪

  30. Do you think fanny should be nerfed or reworked… Like easier to play but less damaging?

  31. Males subscribe . Org tanya ga d jawab lo . Gw tnya lo pakai hp apa zz

  32. Classic its just for nobb sorry 1 dislike from meee

  33. I like your tutorials it's so simple to understand and BTW 7:44 what song??

  34. If you don't know very well the mini-map you're in the poop lol

  35. Thanks for the build ash <3

  36. Fanny guide cuz I suck at cable


  38. Hey Ash— Random question (not rly) but what emblem do you use for Fanny?

    Please reply— I'd like to know so bad :>> Like- Really- :'>

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