jika Anda tidak tahu, penyembuhan pasif LAMA hayabusa begitu besar sehingga banyak pemain membangunkannya »» PENTING Saya hanya ingin semua orang menyadari bahwa ada ….
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  1. I will win the giveaway (i hope)

  2. I use tank build since he released on normal server

  3. Thanks Hororo, It really helped me in the rank mode. 👍

  4. WOW ! In three days I use this tanky build, my hanzo is become more usefull hero to be a assassin/tank hero in a team fight .. I got more kill too , as well as i can kill other assassins easily with this tanky item and kill marksmen with a high dmg

  5. have u heard tanky ruby

  6. I guess Hanzo's next in line, after Layla abuse… Seems like someonw had fun pulling souls in and out of bodies 😏😏😂😂

  7. ID 266481424(3545)
    Name: D.L.M
    no1 yung subscriber
    Pa shout out tnx

  8. there is 3 item that can increase hanzo's 1st skill
    – malefict roar : +40% physic pen
    – blade of heptaseas : -25 physic armor
    – cursed sword/star shard(jungle item) : 1 layer = +0,5 dmg

    and blue buff +20 physic/magic pen at max level

  9. heyy hororo thanks for the build i'm using it and boom hahaha zero deaths alwaaaays hahaha well depends if it's not banned on draft haha thankss hororo

  10. This is my lapu2 build , bloof lust axe blade of seven seas, and go full tank item.

  11. Hello Hororo. Can you make a warrior lab test for hayabusa? That will be a great help. Keep up the amazing content and thank you!

  12. I never used hanzo but i will just watch this video

  13. aov butterfly also they use hybrid tanky build lol

  14. Why not malefic roar?

  15. Can anybody say, what emblem set use with that tanky build?

  16. I stil prefer layla as a tank

  17. Hey hororo why you exposed this items! Im using it to bully in Legend Rank! And now probably a lot of players will use this build,im very sad.

  18. I use malefic roar and bo7 in hanzo and it literally hurts like hell

  19. Oh you tried doing those thumbnails huh?

  20. Plz best bulid of any assasins

  21. Hanzo: Gahahaha
    Mages: crying in the corner
    Tanks: left the match

  22. The one were you Ulti and Return to the body that's what I do when I'm not farming I Called it HomeMade demon blood

  23. Oh yea yeah thank you so muchhhhh hororo your the best😍😘

  24. Thanks. So helpful

  25. Hanzo just got tanky yo. Still he cant go with the flow. the next day he got nerf bro. so stop dreaming hororo.

    i spend 1 hour of my life writing this. 😂

  26. Hororo the scientist of the ML

  27. As a hanzo main I am extremely thankful
    Edit: I just realized u didnt use rapid boots so I guess ill still be using sprint

  28. i prefer build a true damage, with endless and lightning truncheon. it is deals more damage than that. so i think i prefer choose despair, coz it is give more movement spd and make hanzo run as fast as cheetah

    and, dont afraid of death if u play hanzo. u have ult to dodge any kind of skill. i trust u all can use it wisely if u understand how to play hanzo.

  29. wow, you should make another warriors lab for this guy

  30. many kids will use this

  31. 0:07 i do that because im too lazy to kill bots in practice

  32. I agree with this concept but hanzo needs attack speed for his 1st skill to unlock fast and so he needs atleast two attack speed item

  33. After I watch this video.
    I made my custom items with demon and blades of hepatus.
    And some custom tank build.
    I won the classic game. The enemy starting to trash "why I can't kill you"
    My kda is 13 2 12

  34. Badang gets his BaDong stuck in a toaster Deluxe

  35. Well, hanzo's not the only one assassin who builds tank cough*fanny*cough

  36. Wow good tanky hanzo.. Oh well I did not meet any hanzo's in rank they always hybernate no one would allow them to pick 😄😄

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