New Build Fanny Legendary Kill (After Nerf) – Mobile Legends Indonesia

Gears Build : Rose Gold Meteor, Bloodlust Axe, Blade Of The 7 Seas, Bloodthirsty King, Immortality, Blade Of Despair.
Spell Ability : Retribution
Emblem : Costum Assassin Emblem

I’m Making Many Type Of Funny Game Play. Here You Can Also Found Many Type Of MOBILE LEGENDS Game Play Video. Also You Found Build Hero and Attack Strategy. I think You Must Like.
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-This Video I Record By my Phone Xiaomi Mi 6 and use Wondershare Filmora 8 In My Computer for edit it.
-For music No Copy Right Sound. (NCS)
-Thumbnail Edit By Adobe Photo-shop CC 2015 In My Computer.

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New Maps ! Aksi ZXUAN User Fanny No 1 Terhebat di Dunia Kontrol nya Ajib Mobile legends

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  1. I lovw the intro i have a request please add alucard

  2. Fanny is doing it slow because she wants to show you if the deck actually works if she goes fast then she will go to fast that you don’t even know where is she going xD and the screen is smooth af

  3. Every time I watch people play like ash and sonic they go against noobs because the other team don’t never attack

  4. Your noob to use fanny

  5. 5:05 Seriously?Regen then Recall?

  6. Good Joplin man

  7. Fanny 1vs1 epic skin

  8. you are slow to move the cable practice more

  9. you are slow to move the cable practice more

  10. When I Started Mastering I Too Play With Bots Once I get 21k 0d 4a

  11. Main diwarior ya?

  12. This video give me ideas about how to use fanny thank you for the video i made it to legend using fanny

  13. Yes…. I'm too Fanny user…. U r slow, no decent skills, enemies are nooob, and u R lucky…. And those Cables are not very PRO.

  14. U guys have to respect him he is just ML and don’t judge him cause he’s a noob. Your a noob before you became pro , think before u comment .

  15. I am a noob with fanny but she is pretty fun

  16. In my current season, im a begginner of fanny but i have 2 savages and 13 maniacs

  17. My fanny is 409maniac600savage😆😆😆😆😁

  18. And she are a noob to

  19. Pinoy ka rantis gaming?

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