send Fannny best moment https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfShNOCh-ILEx6GsI64gcgPBNcO4M5-D7RnIHPh37xJ0NCJdA/viewform?usp=sf_link
Mobile Legends: fanny best kill moment Es 17 / fanny Savage & manic
Battle scars(Remix)(copyright free music)
We were infinite NCS

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ZXUAN OVERKILL | Fanny Gameplay Tips & Build by zχυαи镇 | Top 1 Global Fanny | Mobile Legends

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  1. How can i send my videos to you?

  2. Intronya keren bang

  3. Di detik 24 kok ada gua


  5. How do I send my own video?

  6. Computer mage is always in your video

  7. check out my account i have savage there

  8. EVOS-MaNiAc In Thumbnail He pro?

  9. "FANNY" Is still a legend hero.
    She will always my favorite hero and stronger than the others
    When stronger enemy is there to kill you there is fanny to try to help you.

  10. I did a Maniac with Fanny but as usual,

    MY TEAMMATES STOLE MY SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nice Fanny nya gg
    yang like doain semoga kalian masuk surga ??

  12. I want savage☹️give me savage

  13. Why does it says The MobileLegends Tube form has received no response. 
    Try contacting the form owner if you think this is wrong. When I opened the link

  14. I have 3 savage of my fanny gameplay but i dont know how to dowload/save it

  15. Hey guys…
    I just started YouTube and I upload Fanny gameplays everyday

    I dropped a gameplay of mobile legends earlier today. Pls do check it out. I just need a chance. Thank you?


    Please share your thoughts, it would be really helpful to me.

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