SEND Fanny best moment U have herehttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfShNOCh-ILEx6GsI64gcgPBNcO4M5-D7RnIHPh37xJ0NCJdA/viewform?usp=sf_link

3.Love u
4.kisma Fingertips
(NCS Release)
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  1. Hard to play fanny.. 🤕🤕

  2. Mobile legends tube i send a fanny savage on you by me

  3. Top global no1 fanny user:im so proud of meh babys im going to be old there gonna be on the top now 🙂

  4. 3:50 bakit iba yung effect nang skill??

  5. Can i send a full gameplay of mine using gusion tutoral? I just want to help😀

  6. https://youtu.be/SIiXIctf8h4
    Fany ku standard 😁 tapi akan terus berusaha berkreasi lagi
    Yok click link untuk nonton

  7. Ganto sana ko kaso di ako sanay mag fanny😭💔

  8. 10:43 🙌 that's meeee thank you so muuuuch :* 🙂

  9. Feel like no use mastering fanny now. Kinda sad for fanny 🙁

  10. hero yg paling ga masuk akal didunia moba…teleport ko segitu amat..cacaddd

  11. Don't like how you edit the video.

  12. Give me skin lone hero ples 106976468(3112)

  13. There are to much filipino player good at using fanny and too much cancer too

  14. Can you upload my video sir??

  15. When Hororo says you CAN'T Wall spam with fanny anymore with the update Me:Damn it and theen watch this video……Fuck yeahhhh

  16. Fanny you raskal…

  17. idol send ako ng savage ko sa fanny pwede ba?

  18. This game is soulless

  19. Cek chanel saya ada player fanny baru

  20. when finished watching the video, i've been using fanny and got an MVP.

  21. gw aja fanny 300 match belom dapet maniac sama sekali 😥

  22. Why no nana savage?

  23. Mampir kesini yaa gaess 😁

  24. Watches the video Gets inspired to play fanny "Lose"😐

  25. Fanny: Sorry you can't steal my SAVAGE, Moscov. at 4:08😂

  26. 3:48 wow he is using lulubox because the effect of the skin is just like normal skin of fanny right?

  27. I uploaded my fanny moment,pls include it on the next video 😊 thanks

  28. 5:01 hore ada saya masuk YouTube

  29. What is the song at minit 5.00

  30. Bang kalo Vidio ane dh di upload tolong kabarin ya bales komentar ini ajah atau kabarin lewat Gmail hehe. Terimakasih [email protected]gmail.com

  31. Bet most of these were elites lol

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