Fanny Montage #5 for you guys.I did my best for the video.
Hope you like it ✌️

Fanny Montage #4 – https://youtu.be/a6WsA4pKcO8
Fanny Montage #3 – https://youtu.be/JTB–UK0p-s
Fanny Montage #2 – https://youtu.be/pwKAZvLJkZ0
Fanny Montage #1 – https://youtu.be/9pVPZjQwdiA

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Item Build:
Recommend ‘Nimble Blade?’ at the start of the game*
Follow by Sequence!
Build 1: 
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade?’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor?’ after Wings?
-Sell ‘Tough Boots?’ for ‘Immortality?’
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade?’ for ‘Blade of Despair?’
Utilize ‘Build 1’ when the adversary has a great deal of Crowd Controls (CC) (Stuns)
Build 2:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade?’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor?’ after Immortality?
-Sell ‘Tough Boots?’ for Wings?
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade?’ for ‘Blade of Despair?’
Utilize ‘Build 2’ when the adversary has more Mage than Physical
Build 3:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade?’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor?’ after Immortality?
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade?’ for ‘Blade of Despair?’
Utilize ‘Build 3’ when the adversary has absolutely 0 Crowd Controllers / Stunners

Emblem: Common Assassin Emblem Lv 60
Talent: Bravery (3) Bloodthirst (3) Bounty Hunter (1)

Peace out 🙂

Mobile Legends WTF | Funny Moments Episode 97

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  1. I Know Many of You Guys Are Waiting For Fanny Guide . I had Some Busy Days But I”ll Make Sure To Upload It Till 28th July ✌️
    Also Tell Me Should I Buy Fanny New Epic Skin Skylark ? ?

  2. Hi im from philippines and im a solid fan of ash official

  3. Me skin fanny campus youth

    Name:Eden Hazard
    Matches 600 up
    Epic 2 highest rank legend v
    Second fav roger

    I want skin fanny campus youth pliz

    Love you l…im your fans

  4. I really need a new Gaming phone that can handle high resolution graphics….
    Cuz mine is so lag…. Please anyone suggest me what phone is good for gaming

  5. Judul lagu opening nya apa tuh bang ?

  6. One more thing whats the name of the first song pls i need to know and uhm ASH and Yasue is the best fanny user i know hahaha

  7. Skin:sushi master
    Hero: hayabusa

  8. I need this Fanny's skin..

  9. bro, what song is the 2.00 minute

  10. Your my idol god of fanny?

  11. I really love your video I never miss your video I love fanny ?????

  12. 0:25 apa judul lagu nya gan

  13. Because of you im a better fanny player now, i learned more from you than Yasue Thanks Ash☺❤?

  14. Give me some skin from fanny(royal cavalry)

  15. What is the song no 1

  16. Your a pro user of fanny hahahah^-^

  17. Campus youth fanny skin

  18. 1:18 Miss One Cable
    Me: Saw at the title…
    Never miss a cable

  19. when fanny wasn’t nrfed:(

  20. Could u tell us name of the songs

  21. Bang Skin fanny1 Name Hanzo XD iD 342238524 Ok Love Bang Replay Pang Bang

  22. Ty

  23. How to carry a bad team plez to tutorial

  24. Where can i send my fanny gameplay ..SENPAI?

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