Play Fanny Like Zxuan | Full Fanny Guide and important Cable Combo | Mobile Legends

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1.) Shooting Star [ NCS Release]

2.) Music provided by Frequency
Track: Rolipso – Jumble
Link: https://youtu.be/tmj4MxMiScg

3.) Janji – Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) [NCS Release]

4.) Blank [ NCS Release]

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FANNY 100 KABEL !!! Hero Fanny Dengan Kabel Terbanyak Di Mobile Legends

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  1. Hi ProDante can pin my name. I already sub & like ur vids. Love the way you spamm cable like a pro fanny player. The best part is wall spam.

  2. Oh so pro enough…skin free😚😁

  3. LGN-QUICKE_-31''-''

  4. Please give me skin of fanny (skylar)practicing fanny every day
    My game ID (174264384)
    Suscribe & like

  5. 273632292 Lesly cheergunner

  6. You should have played in practice.

  7. Just asking why in the video fanny energy is so long but for me fanny energy go so low 🙁

  8. brother thnx for teaching fanny i watch your videos and learn but i am still not good at fanny. thnx bro please make a video how can we play fanny slowly.

  9. thanks to this video.

  10. I’m sorry i’m dumb but um what the hell is buff

  11. I can 15 cables in classic

  12. i cant learn tower dive

  13. plsss give mi skin
    Skin:General Rosa pahingi po skin

  14. Hayabusa skin( elite or special)
    Id: 282511287

  15. bro i am an expert but not much so i need a epic skin of fanny

  16. still available?😂

  17. Hi prodante i already subscribed and i hit the bell notification and i like your vids and i share to my friends who like fanny and to my gc mobile legends. My name in
    Name in mobile legends:peterf1 (akai profile) lvl 20
    Campus youth pls

  18. My I'D is 280846219
    Martis epic skin

  19. ID#302203746 (3602)
    Fanny skin po

  20. Just subsrcibed to your channel men. I just watched your tutorial all thought im good enough to use fanny but i do appreciate and admire your tutorial. I want an starlight skin or magic wheel skin of fanny. Hi my ml id:62565343

  21. KenTheLEGEND11
    lvl 30

  22. can u give me a skin of fanny plzzzz

  23. Ign:*SASTER*
    skin:epic fanny

  24. I see…your charging your hone while you play ml like me😎

  25. Fanny is too hard to control but then I watched this video then it is too easy for me

  26. Fortnite 22,Lesley's Stellaris Ghost

  27. 357017965(3707)any skin

  28. Its ash not u

  29. Yes I want epic skin
    Ign:Moa walling

  30. i need claude skin brother💗

  31. well done…nice video..but…how can u sent epic skin….

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