Playing Fanny for The First Time! Mobile Legends Gameplay. So In this video I’m playing fanny using a fanny build and some tricks.. I have played fanny before but it was about 3-4 months ago so let’s see how it goes!

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Previous video (New hero hylos Trailer):

In This Video:
Mobile Legends Fanny gameplay
Mobile Legends fanny build
Mobile Legends best hero in the game

Music: NCS

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-I’m From Sweden
-I’m 20 Years old
-I Think Pandas are Awesome

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  1. can u give me skin alucard lehends skin

  2. Am I the only one who only use 2 cable???

    Ok it's only me

  3. Well played blue panda please teach me how to use fanny

  4. Im mastering freestyle

  5. SilverRayleigh
    skin:fanny royal cavalry

  6. timu my name search name photo is martis I want moskovitz skill snake eye commander

  7. I subscribe you video so give a skill

  8. name: MASAKIT NO!!
    skin: SUN 🙂
    (subscribe like)

  9. 200488681
    Mugetsu sailo..kagura any skin

  10. SKin miya sweet fantasy

  11. Free advice:dont use fanny on rank 🙂

  12. I pro at using fanny while playing custom but when i playing classic, i become nervous and miss all the cables.

  13. I am triggered by your gameplay agghhhhhh!!!! They are't even counters ahhhggghgg

  14. Imagine If Zxuan,Z4pnu,Mikazu,Mikasa Etc Watch This

  15. مو ذاك العب نوب حتى 😂

  16. Blue panda you almost kill saber and you can use the red

  17. Fanny is like a person that you need to train with its true not a lot of people are pretty bad

  18. And I play as a rusher with fanny I always rush alone

  19. For fanny people call me the third best because when I use it I never die with it

  20. OMG I’m in your video at 12:35!

  21. fanny is very hard to use

  22. Please give conquer goes skin

  23. the way you speak is just like my buddy vicky

  24. haha dude u really funny 😂😂and ur gameplay

  25. first farm second team fight third farm again that a tip dont solo when fighting
    pls like
    blue panda if u read these pls like pls me big fan

  26. i got 2savage from fanny

  27. dud dont use energy when farming btw who waching 2018

  28. Im a player of fanny search sky frost 2.0 with fonts the font was lovely words

    Skin claude starlat

  30. My first game in fanny KDA = 4/9/7 lol im kill stealing them with using 2nd and ultimate lol

  31. Actually I have 59 matches with fanny and I'm already a PrO

  32. Actually I have 59 matches with fanny and I'm already a PrO

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