Fanny Guide to learn fanny from beginning.

Fanny Guide part 1 : https://youtu.be/dculmwkdvUE

Hope you like it. Feel free to share your feedbacks in the comment section below👇😃

Enjoy the video!😊
Thankyou all♥



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Music :

1. Demon Empero Vacation

2. Rob Gasser Laura Brehm (NCS)

3. Disfigure (NCS)


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  1. Im not a fanny beginner . Im pretty good but still aint nothing gon stop me from watching ProDante’s video 😏

  2. Nice video, I hope it will help me

  3. I am beginner n thank you

  4. Thank for how to use fanny bro!!! 😂😂😂

  5. Nice video….I sub you

  6. Amath CR7 id 210372844

  7. Pro I will subscribe you and like Tq

  8. What is the title of music
    Coment down😇😇😍

  9. Your tutorial is still the best, I've watched many other videos related to fanny tutorial, but it's never been good as your tutorial. I've also watched your gusion tutorial and now I am in Local rank 1 with 79% winrate thanks to you ProDante 😀

  10. nice tips I liked it….

  11. How to get a face of a hero at the top of the stanss i meanttt the power i guess, sorry first time in ML lols

  12. Good now i can kill 5 player…
    thanks to you

  13. Ur flying is so on spot.. Pro… And the wall spam just enlightened me….

  14. First time playing Martis bad at it second time a bit good at it third medium good at it but not pro 😅 eh dont know bout fanny

  15. Thank you so much ur video is helpfull

  16. I'm not see that mark

  17. Kuya IDOL pede give ako Fanny .skin Please xD (218020313)

  18. i have a one way to play easy fanny buy a wireless controller

  19. How are you playing game with some other equipment or just phone?

  20. Thank you so much before watching your video I was n00b fanny after watching I became a good fanny player. I watch many fanny tutorial and watching yours I reach in epic with fanny thanks bro another fanny video cause I want to know some jungling tips with Harley

  21. I got 2 kills
    5+ deaths
    and so many assists on using fanny thought I’m not good at her

  22. 2019 still learning fanny thanks for the guied

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