Well, gemini Saga was out of meta since kanon and thanatos release, but who knows that saga can counter the current meta??

there is giveaway in this video~

How to use Huawei Appgallery: https://youtu.be/_VBd8wtP_Y0

Download Saint Seiya KOTZ (Global Version) from Appgallery here: https://appgallery.cloud.huawei.com/ag/n/app/C101169559?channelId=EUFRHMS20200519R1&detailType=0

Download Saint Seiya SEA Version from Appgallery here:
My Discord Server:
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My social media:
Facebook: Arewzo www.facebook.com/det.arewzo(add friend before message)
Twitter: arewzo www.twitter.com/arewzo
Discord: Arewzo#9427
Instagram: arewzo18
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  1. Hello Arewzo, I'm kind of a noob here, and was wondering if you could help. What would be a decent replacement for Thanatos here? Also, which saints should I focus on RC to be viable in PVP? Thanks, and I enjoy watching your videos!

  2. nice video as usual
    Answer is : IgorBlood
    My discord : Arion#7341
    Keep going !!

  3. Minta tlg gmna cara membeli kupon yg gampang. Soalnya dh dicoba gagal trs

  4. Answer: IgorBlood
    FB: Djmariovi

  5. A: IgorBlood
    IG: @vitorsamps

  6. Answer : IgorBlood

    Social media (Instagram) : @edu.h

  7. Hi, what are your cosmos on Saga?

  8. What cosmos for your saga plz

  9. Answer: Igorblood
    IG: @pedrosampai0

  10. Igorblood… nice team

  11. nice vid !
    answer is IgorBlood
    discord id : Leho/ddays#7175

  12. Good video… But I'd like you to show your cosmos when you make a pvp using a specific pj, before using it.

  13. Hi ! The first opponent was IgorBlood, Twitter : @Majindimeh
    Thanks for the giveaway and for your videos, it's cool to see that we can have fun in this game without playing the meta !

  14. hi, can u do a video using hades RC, kanon marine, videos combo please , i remember i c one a long time ago and that combination when hades do eclipse state + triangle was very OP, nice videos btw n_n

  15. The first opponent is IgorBlood
    My ig: gonzaloedwards

  16. 1st opponent was IgorBlood Discord: Yah!Yoshi#0628

  17. Players name: ingorBlood
    Hero What it uses
    Gemini scanon ,Athena goddess, hades ,Pope,Canon ,Myu
    @rama_themamen ( Ig)

  18. Answer: IgorBlood
    Facebook: airton.lima.96

  19. Answer: IgorBlood
    IG: guibonzanini

  20. IgorBlood

    FB: /sanvigames

  21. It's IgorBlood from A49. My Discord is ZempIT#0470 . Cheers!

  22. Igorblood
    IG : anifan01

  23. 1st opponent : IgorBlood discord: herendel#3897

  24. The first oponent igorblood
    Discord: Nashef#4440

  25. Menarik nih buat uji coba next jamir di SEA, btw musuh pertama nya IgorBlood
    Discord : RapshOnadio7#6251

  26. First Opponent is Igor Blood!
    My twitter: @willwolfman

  27. IgorBlood
    Facebook: Edwin Rodríguez

  28. The answer of the question is IgorBlood, you can contact me by facebook https://www.facebook.com/tadeo.gonzalezmena.56/

  29. 1° oponente: IgorBlood
    discord: riunoki#4035
    IG: riunoki

  30. 8:11: Who was the first big vain whale that I always win again and again and I show you in a lot of my videos?

    IgorBlood: It's me! Dislike!

  31. Hi arewzo, your first opponent was IgorBlood, love your videos!!
    My instagram : n.peralta.r

  32. Answer : we can't see the name of your opponents cause you have a glitch, we can't even see his character lol its always saga in full black
    FB: L'inco Ntrolable

  33. What build do you use for Saga? Hummingbird or Netherworld?

  34. great video as always man. Would you mind adding to the description of the video the cosmos you use on saga? and the status if possible?
    I have a cloth repaired saga at 1323, but i cant get nowhere close to your damage

  35. omg!!, how much cosmic damage have ur saga ???

  36. Hey arewzo keep it up men you are amazing I always bet for you in jamir ❤️ IgorBlood it’s the answer men here’s my ig: aleks_avl

  37. Hola arewzo un saludo, la respuesta es IgorBlood, IG jesusk0525

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