I’m just testing old combo of Lyra and combine it with new kanon, and Kanon only as energy generator, I don’t need marsh fairy for that, will it work? Let’s see..
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  1. Keknya athena harus pilihan terakhir untuk di kill ya.. Udh lama gak main liat ini mau main lagi tapi udh ketinggalan.. 😥😥

  2. OMG arewso is surrender!!!!

  3. Akhirnya line up lyraa yg ditunggu" 🤩🤩

  4. Show your Hades pls 🙂

  5. I watch your videos 'cause you surely are a high lever player and I learn from these videos, but you are so arrogant too…

  6. bang pake arayashiki shaka dong:v

  7. Deu até vontade de usar meu Hades e meu Orfeu haha, mas eles não são tanto dano assim

  8. Came here for Orphee, stayed for Hades lol

  9. How much atk hades give in the pavilion?

  10. Wow nice matches! Very well played

  11. Damn kanon is Op… And lyra of course…

  12. This was AMAZING! Last battle was epic.
    Hades can be very annoying, i'm really looking forward to use him with his repaired cloth.

  13. Wow Men the las battle….. Just gg

  14. Me sorprendió ese ataque de aioros csm

  15. Honestly this new meta reminds me of the DC Pegasus meta. You think he could make a comeback with Kanon? Hashun healing negates Pegasus attack but then Kanon comes swooping in to kill that target

  16. 19:13 "I surrender in previous one just to let me record another match"

    And what a match. OMG, that was so tactical, super GG O_o
    Hades and Athena made such a nice couple, they really should work their differences 😉

  17. I cannot believe you actually won that last battle. Genius!

  18. How long takes repair hades surplice ?

  19. Man can you please try an Hypnos + Orfeo line up?? Should that one work??

  20. WTF last match absolute legend. I think Igor hates you at this point

  21. Last battle was just epic, very high level from both players. Gj!

  22. Cool saludo plis

  23. God seiya + gold kanon

  24. Esse Orfeu é um capiroto mesmo

  25. Hades memang terbaik apalagi sudah rc

  26. Orphee is underrated

  27. Conta Full cahser contra uma free e tenso by:morteane

  28. That last battle was awesome!!!!

  29. Gw pikir SSA lg make bh34d ,ternyata KOTZ dong

  30. 12:00
    The Momentum Of The First SURRENDER In This Channel.

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