I just doing this for fun, but this is actually the most annoying lineup for current meta, just.. I don’t really like it, the game will be really long.. and i myself don’t really like June..

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  1. loser line up june ..wasting timee

  2. Cosmo legendery tree of revival

  3. This lineup really makes me miss the good old game of the 1st 6 months… it became a different game 😔

  4. I also don t like this meta,taken so long time to play.I hope next time you show me hownto win this meta

  5. 18:44 Hypnos missplay? Nightmare was faded away ('cause of double-turn) and you didn't turn it on again.

  6. Hmm, imagine if Arewzo's opponents were using Shura instead of GKanon.

  7. Om itu video awal HP gemini kanon sama god shun kok bs tb2 ilang banyak y?

  8. Odysseus and june are annoying enough on their own, I'm banning june until I can ban odysseus or get my own

  9. Kira2 bisa gk ente make konten mayura zo? Penasaran sakit apa enggak dia

  10. i think this line up only for coward 😅🤣 just like ice boys.. to much wasting time for Galatic duel

  11. Very interesting meta, clever plays, lots of control, so much fun ! Trash…

  12. Arewzo do you think they'll buf DC Hyoga before releasing him?
    He seems weak on the test server compared to dc shiryu and shun…

  13. request fun line up bang
    4 shun (andromeda, nebula, dc shun, underworld shun)

  14. hmmmmmm how about comparing with my immortal lineup….?

    Ushun – Hypnos – Pandora – Oddyseus – Marin – Dc Shiryu

  15. why you do that. show this to the tryhard people :c

  16. Excuse me is that a reference to "Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works"?

  17. Could you do a orphee video that could win against a hypnos plss Nice video as always keep the good work budy <3

  18. por eso últimamente uso Ares para odiseus es la única manera de detenerlo, y con Thanatos darle a su shun DC, Ares ya se está usando en este meta por odiseus

  19. Second fight battle of 1000 days kkk

  20. 18:42 you lost by mistake when you don't use 3° Hypnos skill, you use the 2° skill two times instead activate nightmare on 2° turn of your Hypnos.

  21. i read Annoy, but don´t see aMu.

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