I’m just testing 600+ speed saint in one lineup, will be easier to win??
actually I’m just doing this for fun xD

How to use Huawei Appgallery: https://youtu.be/_VBd8wtP_Y0

Download Saint Seiya KOTZ (Global Version) from Appgallery here: https://appgallery.cloud.huawei.com/ag/n/app/C101169559?channelId=EUFRHMS20200519R1&detailType=0

Download Saint Seiya SEA Version from Appgallery here:
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  1. Can I ask how to make make double speed Cosmo?

  2. can you make another videos like this when seiya dc repair comes?

  3. Hasta le entendí a thanatos que es una ballena jeje

  4. i dont know why but i created a team on Sacred Duel that lets me Auto my opponents and i win more than i lose its too funny arewzo

  5. Shaka is not gonna survive without some protection.

    I noticed you prefer Lune to buff Hypnos, but you didn’t include Hypnos in your Lune line ups. I suppose it’s a good combo though is it?

  6. Thanatos damage is so hight it's ridiculous.

  7. My question is: A slow team can win in this meta?

  8. That Lune and Hypnos combo was amaze balls

  9. Bang Arewzo, gua mau contact abang. Gmna cara nya Bang?

  10. kalo bawa shaka enaknya bawa june sih ato si tameng ijo itu

  11. Enaknyaaaa move nya berempitan di awal bisa fast move ama fast kill

  12. hypnos = healing and damage. kanon = damage. hyoga = control. thanatos = massive damage. lune = damage and a bit of control. hades = damage, healing and damage reflection. In my opinion I would change to hyoga for June because June is in the best moment now.
    also hyoga has never worked for me xD

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