I’m just showing how I do this, and this is Not A Guide, since well I just do this once and it completed.. so yeah idk if this can be called a guide lol

How to use Huawei Appgallery: https://youtu.be/_VBd8wtP_Y0

Download Saint Seiya KOTZ (Global Version) from Appgallery here: https://appgallery.cloud.huawei.com/ag/n/app/C101169559?channelId=EUFRHMS20200519R1&detailType=0

Download Saint Seiya SEA Version from Appgallery here:
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Kimi Hime Wik Wik Sambil Lepas BH

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  1. Hi Arewzo did you manage to complete the manga of Leo Aioia too? I'have stuck against shaka.
    thanks for the video.

  2. It's easy with Saga! * Almost get rekt at part 5 *

  3. Thanks Arewzo, managed to pass with your team 🙂

  4. ''Easy with saga'' uses Kanon

  5. Your ir in my opinion the best content creator for this game. You have knowledge of it. Big up

  6. How do you get a Geki faster than the Grand Pope in 5th phase? Pope has 720 speed…

  7. Saga bagusnya pake rosary apa eagle eye bang?

  8. Ini cosmo kuning nya make apa aja bang kok kena galaxian explosion biasa aja ?

  9. ayudarme por favor con mi código de reclutando amigos mi codigo RKIOLWM2VDY

  10. Yg pasti harus max smua etsens + skill'a ?

  11. Is the game up? Because I can’t play it. It says maintenance

  12. Wind elf or vulcain chain for saga?

  13. subs back om 😀

  14. very easy ..im stuck with camus last stage '.'

  15. Wait… At 1:06 was shun just dabbing on the black saints ?? Lmao

  16. Bikin lineup all bronze saint zo

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