Well, I just review the Scylla Io, he is really good, but..

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~scylla Io, but..~

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  1. Skyla is terrible, gets locked down so easily, nothing compared to just awakened Milo.

  2. Rebirth cloth of EO: Can have up to 2 scyllas! imagine that lol

  3. His RC could give the player the option to choose which skill the Scylla would use

  4. Always the ramdom was a problema… if the repair cloth make choice the beast, eo come back to the meta

  5. I wasted 1 blue book on scylla 😆 nice times

  6. Dulu enak banget buat boss legiun

  7. greetings hey can you show me the cosmos of pisis

  8. I think i was request io a long time ago?

  9. Hello Arewzo! Please, bring some matches of Cassiopeia Erda. You can use her with Chimera, and make a duo with Pandora to trigger Pandora's healing and make Erda much more faster and stronger. You can also use Aldebaran with Chimera for some tests. I want to test this strategy, but i don't have Pandora yet.

  10. can you make a team using Athena dps ?

  11. scylla, my 1st 80 on global, i loved him on Season 1

  12. Similar to Pope. I guess many of us are having ptsd right now.
    If you're luckier than your opponent, these rng characters are op.
    Otherwise, they're basically dead weights waiting to be destroyed.

  13. Hi arewzo will you please make a review about sea horse bian and thanks ^^

  14. el meta de scylla, recuerdo que jamas me salia los dupes para subirle la pasiva y tener el stun xd

  15. request armor of the dead b saintn

  16. Io repair is clear, less RNG and he can come to meta or close

  17. Currently 90% of older players have Scyila armed for use that was given quite xD

  18. Exigimos renacida de eo de scylla

  19. pavo Mayura review pls

  20. Siempre le tuve fe a scilla, solo que tengo prioridades en mis equipos, si pudiera lo maxearia, es bueno peor muy random

  21. Io needs a repaired cloth that guarantee a minimum number of hits accord to the Scilla skill level, at least 2 or 3 hits at lvl 5.

  22. Portuguese:Poderia trazer do Bian de cavalo marinho?

  23. Thx Arewzo that make me miss old day

  24. Akhirnya requeastan w di acc

  25. Pa el otro vídeo usa caballeros clases c con ss ya

  26. Scylla is cool ! But too much random =x

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