I’m just trying to use taurus Aldebaran, this is not repair cloth Version, I just want to try it~
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Foto seksi kimi hime

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  1. But You never use the ability, he only uses one great horn

  2. In China the rebirth of taurus make him put marks on 3 targets and hit them with the great horn id you can do that dmg now imagine when that rebirth bits released.

  3. Communist comr to Greece

    Aldebaran before repair cloth: Mum come save me i'm scared

    Aldebaran after repair cloth: Not on my fucking watch run to his front door, charge his multi-Great Horn with malicious intent

  4. Really good video, superwhale accounts can really make any character useable…
    Would you please do a Seiya God Cloth with Golden Hyoga on actual meta? I’m running good with him(Seiya) on Imortal, but i want to see a superwhale account like yours in action.

  5. amazing 😱😱😱 that's the real GreatHorn, please make a video with SagiSeiya

  6. do Jango for the next video

  7. Bang skill Athena minimal brapa?

  8. Aldebaran derrubando todo mundo kkk e Afrodite de Cloth repair junto é muita apelação

  9. Please love streaming arewzo

  10. How can taurus attacked 3 times ?

  11. OMG, Aphrodite in the 3rd fight, I love it!

  12. Wikipedia 2020: Arewzo, he's super brilliant tactical game SSA SEA players •

  13. itu aprodite suruh maen sndiri aja,,konten aldebaran malah dia yg showoff🤣

  14. Arewzo Tks for share. I like so much Aldebaran, really great lol.

  15. When Arewzo Want To Try Some Saint.
    Superwhale Account : Its My Time.

  16. 5555/50k Aldebaran holy mother of God. Superwhale indeed

  17. Oh Finelly Someone who plays with Aldébaran I see that he's strong but a bit underrated in Saint seiya awakening community and I have a segguestion for the next video : So will you please make for the next video Guilty lineup and Thanks!

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