just PvP from subscriber, they are using shaka and ares in current meta~

If you want your video in my channel, you can do this
Upload to google drive and send the link to my email: [email protected] I will choose 3 or 5 / more matches to upload every sunday, Maybe first i will make it around 20mins video, idk how much battle will fit in it. But remember, you need to fulfill this requirements:

1. Video quality must be 480p or higher
2. Must be recorded LIVE while in battle, not the replay one.
3. Include your IGN, Server and Region(optional) so I can mention it in video
4. You must record your winning, don’t send lose video.
5. Record the video start from the searching of opponent until you gain star, just to make sure it’s real galatic duel (Optional, as long as i can make sure it’s galactic duel, it will be fine)
6. Don’t insult your opponent with sticker in battle, or i have right to decline your video.

And make sure you send the most interesting match, since i will choose some video from all the video sent to me, i will tell you if i will use your video~

you just need to send the video, i will put the comment and everything

How to use Huawei Appgallery: https://youtu.be/_VBd8wtP_Y0

Download Saint Seiya KOTZ (Global Version) from Appgallery here: https://appgallery.cloud.huawei.com/ag/n/app/C101169559?channelId=EUFRHMS20200519R1&detailType=0

Download Saint Seiya SEA Version from Appgallery here:
My Discord Server:
Social media slow respond
My social media:
Facebook: Arewzo www.facebook.com/det.arewzo(add friend before message)
Twitter: arewzo www.twitter.com/arewzo
Discord: Arewzo#9427
Instagram: arewzo18
Email: [email protected]

Video Kimi Hime Buka Baju Tersebar, Kime: Saya Tidak Pernah Membuka Pakaian Sama Sekali

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  1. me sorprendio que el primero se chileno, VIVA CHILEEEE, saludos desde Chile

  2. Some ideas of line up.
    1 – a story of marionneton (Esaga Minos abse)
    ichi, Minos, Odysseus, Shun Hades, Shun GC, Myu
    The idea : your Odysseus have to play after the marioneton and you use reflect (GK). Shun GC is here to protect the one who is shoot while Odysseus reflect non stop.

    2 – A matter of flame (My actual line up) : Shun hades, Odysseus, GK/Thanatos, Shun DC, Rune, APhrodite
    No matter GK or Thanatos is based, I don't care because the main char is Rune ^^
    So the plan is to totally burn the opponent.
    If you can play thanatos you boost thantos, shun gc and Odysseus
    If you can't play Thanatos, you will spread fire with Aphrodite / Shun GC and Odysseus reflect or small aoe.
    You can't switch between aphrodite or Mû (more defense and reflect).

    If opponent play Mû and ban Thanatos it's ok, just ares his Mû.
    I think to use RUen on saga but quite expensive .
    Aphro and thantos are ok.

  3. Hello. You should try a line with Odysseus spreading flame with hsi reflect.

  4. If aphrodite is protected do you think is better to use Quimera o dragón teeths

  5. Hero tukang comeback si g kanon ato si pisces aphrodite ama si hades rc

  6. Can you make video of tips to get ss saint 😭

  7. Arsha se manifesta ai..
    Te enfrento direto ahaha

  8. In the first fight he stunned Piscis to prevent the oponent to use his Ares.

  9. Hi arewzo is me primer 🙂

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