Fanny Montage #12 for you guys.I did my best for the video.
Hope you like it ✌️

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Fanny Montage #10- https://youtu.be/wEArIa3C88Q
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Fanny Montage #8 – https://youtu.be/Ykr9C99fNWM
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Fanny Montage #2 – https://youtu.be/pwKAZvLJkZ0
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Music :-
1. Neffex Damn Gurls
2. Neffex Play
3.Neffex Fade away
4.Can you feel it (NCS)
Item Build:
Recommend ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ at the start of the game*
Follow by Sequence!
Build 1: 
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade🌊’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor🌠’ after Wings💉
-Sell ‘Tough Boots👢’ for ‘Immortality🔰’
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ for ‘Blade of Despair🍃’
Utilize ‘Build 1’ when the adversary has a great deal of Crowd Controls (CC) (Stuns)
Build 2:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade🌊’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor🌠’ after Immortality🔰
-Sell ‘Tough Boots👢’ for Wings💉
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ for ‘Blade of Despair🍃’
Utilize ‘Build 2’ when the adversary has more Mage than Physical
Build 3:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade🌊’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor🌠’ after Immortality🔰
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ for ‘Blade of Despair🍃’
Utilize ‘Build 3’ when the adversary has absolutely 0 Crowd Controllers / Stunners

Emblem: Common Assassin Emblem Lv 60
Talent: Bravery (3) Bloodthirst (3) Bounty Hunter (1)

Peace out 🙂


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  1. Im the pro fanny

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    I will be very grateful if i get the skin.Thank u

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  4. what brand of phone qre you using?

  5. Cool😮😮😮💖💖👍

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  7. I hope you are next God of Fanny global server hahahah I hope

  8. ash from indo?☺already unsubscribe☺

  9. I need fanny skin please

  10. When i watch montages on ash channel i feel inspired, but when i play fanny.
    "You have been slain"
    "noob Fanny"
    "just die noob"
    But i keep practising fanny because i believe i can be a pro fanny user like you ash senpai ❤
    IGN: Hide_On_Grass
    Skin: Campus Youth/Skylark
    Thankyou ❤

  11. ID:159219474
    Skin: guision Hairstylist

  12. I like youtubers who dont ignore fans

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    Nice video youre the best!!

  14. kada post mo sa youtube ako una naka comment plzzx pahingi naman ng skin

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    I always like your fanny videos😅
    You're vids has the best fanny montage😘

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    namanya (MR_R) tier epic
    please bang giveaway skin dong bang skin apa aja
    terima kasih.

  19. I'm watching this channel for a long time now, and I realized that I haven't subscribed yet😂

  20. what is your rank i was thinking if you are MASTER OR GRANDMASTER or its CLASSIC

  21. Please accept my request Ash thanks🙂

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  27. Ash is from India!?

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