im honest

I just want everyone to be aware that there are fake accounts of me so make sure to click the links below and also check my ML IDs to make sure its my real accounts.
Please do not share your email and password to anyone just to have free diamonds.
Do not be scammed for free skins. I will only give skins when i make skin giveaway events here on Youtube.
I will not ask for your ID and IGN (also i do not want to see it) if you are not a skin giveaway winner.

»» Social Media
› Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/officialhororochanpage/
› Twitter https://twitter.com/HororoChan_desu

»» Discord https://discord.gg/66UvqvM
»» Amino http://aminoapps.com/c/Hororo

»» Mobile Legends IDs
› Original Server: 38766030
› Advance Server: 119392892

»» Merch

»» YT Moderators
› zkael星
› No
› *icreams.雪
› 2B 鋼
› RanjitDab Dionisio
› ѕυp ѕap
› Tadashi Guy

»» FAQ
Q. Screen Recorder?
A. Screen Flow for iOS using Mac and built in game recorder on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Q. Favorite hero?
A. Hayabusa, Clint and Saber, but for now i’m playing tank and support more.
Q. Can i play with you?
A. Please look forward of me doing “Let’s PLay Event” where i play with anyone, which has 10% chance of happening because lately i have been busy.
Q. Are you a girl or boy?
A. I am a grown up person. Thank you.

Tips Fanny Game Play New Build Super Mantap Dan Alhamdulillah Saya Masuk Squad Top Global

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  1. Moontoon? Pfft more like Moneytoon

  2. Hororo_chan give me diamonds so i can buy skylark

  3. Give me a epic skin fanny my name isss TheKingVirgil level 30max and have a back ground green

  4. Fanny Kinda Looks Like Jisoo From Blackpink.

  5. Turn your wifi off while do a a spin then boom hahahaha i have many luck box skin bwahahahah

  6. With the free draw i tried it many times and it really works

  7. Hey hororo chan ill teach you how to get lucky box epic skin

  8. tanginang moonton yan

  9. I wish that if im in moba team ishould make a legendary skin for fanny name lost nature princess like if you do but commend to change the name

  10. tbh i like the design but the price is fucking bullshit

  11. Is this still available
    If not can it be in the future please stand up with me

  12. Wow so cool they added cut grasses effect on yhe spin so worth all yhe gems??

  13. Hororo thats not rope her second is called cable

  14. Fanny skylarks nowadays have better entrance with cinematic camera effect. No one realize it

  15. Hororo wasted 3k dias just to get the skin so WHY DO PEOPLE DISLIKED THIS?!

    don't be jelous you frcn people because you dont have subs nrar 1million!!!!

  16. I want that skylark but sadly that skin cannot be buy:(

  17. Hmm…I love watching someone getting the skin but its me that doesnt have the skin.. (rip ml)

  18. Omnyoji skin hororo chan? Please?

  19. I dont need skins (but i want hhaha)
    I just want some heroes(i want skin too

  20. Can You guys give me fanny skylark

  21. Im just gona buy 4 saber squad skins instead of these single skin with my 4k dias but i wish i have diamonds

  22. Will Fanny be nerf in the future?

  23. Japanese clan (Ninja Clan):
    Support: Angela (Skin)
    Assasinator: Hayabusa
    Marksman: Hanabi
    Marksman:Fanny (Skin)

    Pls do this it would be SOOOO cool!

  24. Lucky Box is Rigged

    You get the prize on the last spin and you have to spend like 5 million diamonds (well obviously not but its just seems like it lol)

    Sorry it's rigged… That's what I think

  25. Look at the skill effects. The Rope should be red, In the animation its red when in gameplay its just a normal rope.

  26. The cost for diamonds is outrages. Like, I ain't paying $30 for like a couple new heroes! But then again I regret not sacrificing that $30 for Skylark. I wish they changed her ropes to the red ribbon they showed though. 🙁

  27. Lucky box?? Is it lucky tho?? I mean you get the skin last just like lancelot matador skin. So the lucky box is not luck. The creators just want fool you

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