Solo Base Dive [Zxuan Fanny] | ᶰᵛ zχuαимℓ Fanny Gameplay And Build Mobile Legends.

Player : ᶰᵛ zχuαимℓ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfdCL080XtHYYvyF25j5ocQ
Team : nocte valpe
Highest Rank : Mythical Glory
Emblem : Custom Assassin emblem (Bounty Hunter)
Battle Spells : Retribution
Build : Bloodlust Axe, Warrior Boots, Magic Blade, Athena’s Shield, Immortality, Blade of Despair.
(He upgrade Magic Blade to Rose Gold Meteor after buying Immortality)
Set Nimble Blade as recommend item at the start of the match, and sell it after buying 5th item (Immortality).

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Music :

New King Theme Intro
Vicetone vs. Popeska Ft. Luciana – The New Kings

Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]

Outro 1 :
I use the middle part of the song as Outro
Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]

Outro: 2:
it’s different – Shadows (feat. Miss Mary) [NCS Release]

Cheat No Cooldown Fanny di Classic! – Mobile Legends

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  1. M Williams Smith did u remember me bro… Pro Johnson

  2. Idol pahingi naman skin ni fanny youth campus
    I will master funny

  3. 9:23 I would have just died LMAO

  4. Wow. Zxuan is Singaporean 😊 now, I know

  5. 8:348:40 so i understand why zxuan is the best fanny

    Edit: and that 9:179:28

  6. Wtf who plays this garbage mobile shit

  7. hate this fanny hero so annoying

  8. Damn ! Thats so fast

  9. pahingo po skin ni fanny

  10. his face while wall spamming:

    OwO OwO OwO OwO

  11. Plss can. You give me atleast 1 skin of fanny? Plss

  12. Xzuan is good but Chinese Asha is better


  14. 6:55,that’s what happens everytime I use fanny

  15. im fanny user to im number 22 in philippines

  16. Regret of buying her. I can't play her well. I should save bp to buy another hero.

  17. Good luck for your next battle

  18. hmmm…… .i still love the times when a plsyer says fanny the only thing we think of is zxuan…….but nowadays, people are getting used to fanny…..

  19. Go zxuan kamu main practice mode kill Sampai 1000 Aku perna sampai 5000

  20. Idol plssss teach me how to use fanny😥

  21. Zxuan my best fanny player

  22. Judul lagunya apa bang?

  23. Emblem is so strong

  24. Bang zxuan bagi skin dong roger semua nya nama ml saya LUCKY JR 11 GEDE SEMUA YG GAMBAR PERSIJA

  25. Please teach me to use a hero fanny on the mobile legend
    The name of the mobile legend:™Jessno✓#nyolot#

  26. Plz tell me the name of the music

  27. Saya juga suka fanny

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