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  1. I guess she is smarter than me ;(

  2. I'm gonna tell something cuz I am a mage user and I use Kadita… Im not sure but when I use the 1st skill of Kadita through the 2nd skill of Nana, it doesn't transform Kadita into a cat. Any Kadita users…..?

  3. Chou can absorb

  4. Why I always pick nana

    To bully gusion

  5. Use pharsa first skill (verrie the bird) , fly and go to the walls or go outside the battle ground hahah. It works ??

    Pharsa user ?‍♀️

  6. Hahaha grock can’t escape to Anna’s second skill!!!!!!

  7. dude what scary thing about molina please tell to is

  8. dude what scary thing about molina please tell to is

  9. imagine that your so low health and then you accidentally go into molina and all of your teammates are dead and if you morph into molina you would die, scary right? ok I'll leave

  10. It is not molina it is nana's pappu

  11. Try chou's 2nd skill when molina is chasing you,

  12. Molina is alot smarter than most players in grandmaster rank.

  13. ID 284126508 (3572) please give me skin in lesly please

  14. Dodge Molina use 2nd skill kagura just pass through it

  15. i actually really really REALLY hate nana as my enemy bc of molina ;(

  16. If you got morphed…

    Use purify

  17. What about aldous ss

  18. gwapo si nico nash taba

  19. Where is Aldous 3rd skill?

  20. Watching that thing run is horrifying??????????

  21. what if molina have 5 minutes duration?

  22. When I play nana in rank, other players want me to change. I just ignore them, because I know what to do and be the support to my teammates.

    After the game finishes (win or loss), I'm most of the time gold or MVP and the likes/thumbs come.

    I even had the enemy talk about me or targeting me to kill first in team fights.

    People tend to judge easily. Don't judge, just play.

  23. Ulti of aldous vs molina

  24. How about aldous with her ulti

  25. hahaha so cute when molina runs to johnson like what the

  26. thank you for some advice love your video

  27. Am i the only one that notice that molina gets faster when you get faster? ._.

  28. You to Hulcurt: let's see if the best runner in the game-
    Molina: am I a joke to you?

  29. I tried to use martis second skill and it worked

  30. Chou is the one who can cancel nana's 2nd skill


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