Mobile Legends WTF | Funny Moments Episode 119: Aldous Noob Ulti auto win

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  1. your top 3 marksman Amigo? and why?

  2. 8:07 Must be in WTF MOMENTS??

  3. Amingo plz upload your gusion gameplay again

  4. When playing Mobile Legends it lags too much
    Wat should i do plzz someone help me solve this problem i really need help Plzzz

  5. This people need to sleep

  6. The sound of car it but si confirtibale

  7. Im no pro claude…. there's a time when you need a defensive build…any suggestions!?

  8. Melee version of Claude is doger 😀 Both can use same build.

  9. Miya,Layla,Lesley because of their burst damage

  10. He's just a kid but his skills are remarkable and awesome…

  11. If Claude is underrated then what layla and yisunshin aree ?????????

  12. Underrated?? Nah. Nice gameplay?. Claude user here.


  14. That’s why I always ban Claude in Draft Pick ?

  15. Lance gameplay plssss

  16. Deadley first hahahaha first then i thought

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