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Today we had the most insane luck summoning in Saint Seiya Awakening and i had to share it with you guys!! We pulled S after S after S… I was in complete shock!! So many new toys to work on!! Don’t even know where to start!!

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ML "Mobile Legends" bang bang !!! For Victory!!! Fanny with MANDAU from Dayak Kutai

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  1. Thank you guys so much for watching! Hit that subscribe button to catch future videos!!

  2. Soy nuevo subscriptor de Argentina.Empece ayer el juego.Donde me recomiendas tirar para conseguir asegurado buenos personajes? Saludos

  3. Se pronuncia paicis

  4. umm, holograms are evil stars, so Pope is also bad, maybe there are Pope stars

  5. dont tell me this game will be pay to win holy shit

  6. Not In play store:(

  7. Mendingan langsung 10 summon

  8. Damn.
    Your account was the chosen one.

  9. i only got shura but hey i'm so happy because he's the only S saint i've got and i'm a capricorn too!

  10. Is it totally p2w or also available for f2p too ??

  11. you need to see the note
    remember the luck

  12. Wow that's some luck! Can never get good stuff off singles

  13. 100 summons and no a single S saint , I got a unlucky title for bad summons and they gave me Aprohidite

  14. Hola soy un nuevo subscriptor,por qué no se puede jugar Saints Seiya awakening versión japonesa?? No me deja entrar con WeChat

  15. Bagi yang suka game , boleh kok mampir ke chanel youtube kami , ada update an game saint seiya terbaru loh , mampir yah 😉

    Ada tips nyari cosmos ss
    Ada set up cosmos siren sorento yang bener
    Ada pola man sycilla ilo
    Ada gg nya milo
    Ada trick gacha lihat rasi bintang
    Penjelasan tentang chakra krishna
    Kami juga akan memulai update game lain nya
    Dan banyak lagi

    Semoga yang kami bagikan di chanel Mr Jazz bermanfaat 😊
    Update saint seiya awakening , every day , siren sorento playthrough 😉 please watch.

  16. Y it not release in Australia ?

  17. I thought aquarius was a man who have been kidnaped by zeus because his charming face.

  18. thanks bro, i got 2 s just in 10 advance

  19. Shit, i always want mu

  20. I subbed u just bcs u handsome 😂😂😍😍


  22. 1-1 summon really help on this game.. lol

  23. I got sagittarius aiolos 1st try

  24. https://duniagames.co.id/news/13344-beginilah-tips-mudah-mendapatkan-gold-saint-di-saint-seiya-awakening

    Try this site, i love watching u playing saint seiya, i just wanna help u for more content, please test this site. @androly san

  25. Give me a scorpio milo

  26. I would really appreciate if u make a guide how to install these in a emulator like nox, cuse i cant get it.

  27. i'm really want to know, why is saint seiya seems so popular in spain? i mean, many times when i try to search saint seiya related stuff on youtube, usually a spain native people's video that came up.. i'm from indonesia by the way, close to japan

  28. haz videos en español si podes hablar, nadie los hace

  29. Lucky, btw i want the cancer 🙂

  30. “Three constellations are in luck”, point at sea dragon, got a freaking scorpio

  31. Fuck you luck 2nd summond got S

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