Fanny Montage #8 for you guys.I did my best for the video.
Hope you like it ✌️

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Item Build:
Recommend ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ at the start of the game*
Follow by Sequence!
Build 1: 
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade🌊’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor🌠’ after Wings💉
-Sell ‘Tough Boots👢’ for ‘Immortality🔰’
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ for ‘Blade of Despair🍃’
Utilize ‘Build 1’ when the adversary has a great deal of Crowd Controls (CC) (Stuns)
Build 2:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade🌊’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor🌠’ after Immortality🔰
-Sell ‘Tough Boots👢’ for Wings💉
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ for ‘Blade of Despair🍃’
Utilize ‘Build 2’ when the adversary has more Mage than Physical
Build 3:
-Upgrade ‘Magic Blade🌊’ to ‘Rose Gold Meteor🌠’ after Immortality🔰
-Sell ‘Nimble Blade🔪’ for ‘Blade of Despair🍃’
Utilize ‘Build 3’ when the adversary has absolutely 0 Crowd Controllers / Stunners

Emblem: Common Assassin Emblem Lv 60
Talent: Bravery (3) Bloodthirst (3) Bounty Hunter (1)

Peace out 🙂

Noob to Pro in 10 min | Fanny Insane Gameplay | Mobile legends Bang Bang

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  1. Ash whats the song of your intro in this episode?

  2. When you try to copy a pro fanny but ended up with a kda of 0/11/5 and get trashtalked by your teammates.

  3. For motivation till now im still watching all of your videos. U da best fanny ever!!!!

    I inspired by your videos!!!! I have already used fanny 159 matches.
    Free skin plsss sky lark hahahh hope u will notice huhhuhu

  4. Angela’s Kill Steal Lol 3:45

  5. How to be like you ash? <3 I'm your fan from philippines <3

  6. Salute to all fanny users despite her nerfs

  7. Ash is Indonesia what flag

  8. Ash, I'm sorry because I thought you are a cheater in ml. Plz… Forgive me😇😇😇 peace!

  9. i really love usinf fanny… i bet on your first time using fanny must be nuub right haha but now you all are the best fanny… nice ash keep going

  10. You deserve a million fan subscriber!! ♥

  11. 23493254(3031) rica tan Ash requst naman ng skin oh epic skin ni js huhuhu😭

  12. You're a man of the man?

  13. Its so fantastic cause he kill with follow the song <3

  14. 8:51 miya run like a bot, guys dont trust this channel, all vs bot and if u look the live, he so noob

  15. 5:14 lwn bot kill 33 dan nama musuh anehaneh

  16. After watching this
    Me playing fanny kda 11/13/8
    I know I m bad at fanny 😭

  17. ID:305927026
    Skin: moskov (spear of bone dragon)

  18. ID:305927026
    Skin: moskov (spear of bone dragon)

  19. 3:40 best sync ever


  20. 5:02 wow 32 kills? Bots? Why

  21. I am support you to top global

  22. using fanny is tough but I love your videos

  23. Wc men☝️u diserve million subs bro

  24. How to send clip my video

  25. test by 1 with me

  26. Lol! i think you don't know how to use fanny! Lol! WEAK cables!

  27. Anggap aja kalian main dicostum makanya
    Kalian hebat saya sering gitu sampay

  28. Can i know your build please?😅

  29. You are very cool gamer of fanny! 🙂 I am from Russia

  30. Ig- Am Gaming
    Skin ni Selena

  31. can you give me iPhone because I'm fanny user and my phone is too laggy..so I'd don't care about the skin I just want an iPhone..

  32. berbagi ilmu boleh kali add DANNY83

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