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Fanny Top 1 Player in Japan: Yasue


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  1. Who is your best Fanny user Amigo & why?

  2. Lol the Chou not good if play vs fnny I don't satangkongangan pooopoolotin fnny ni yasue

  3. Is yasue from japan?? :v

  4. You deligent to Somay

  5. If you wana show off your talent or skill. Plz play with your same rank. Not like gm or epic. Ur good but not enough. And where is ur contribution for ur teamate. See how they support u n how u support them.

  6. Yasue give you're hands and IQ to be the best fanny

  7. Lol the intro hits nostalgia too hard

  8. Sub to sub tayo 🙂

  9. Ina cgnal ng ML nio lgi log smart p nmn kau sna 2mgl p 2 laro dmi n asar s ino dhl kada laro nglo2g syang load

  10. I have the skin that you use

  11. I have the skin that you use

  12. poor harley TT always targeted

  13. Zapnu is the best

  14. overrated again.. like zapnu

  15. This is not pro fanny, she can't even handle Chou ya

  16. ElektroTorio what a fucking weird name 😂

  17. custom setting with friends

  18. Abed dendi miracle armel somnus paparazi are still the best

  19. kakawa naman kalaban may GM😂

  20. Mas magaling parin mag fanny si z4pnu wala lan mahina pa pag si z4pnu in level 2 may first blood na sya

  21. Infront of saber,fanny is nothing

  22. So low, should help for zilong NOOO Go to jungle bravo 😅😅😅

  23. z4pnu is only no.1 fanny user👌👌

  24. Japan yan d nya pa alam ang galawan ng pinoy baka sa pilipinas mabano yan hahaha

  25. i told you stop taking drugs turret

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