You Think Fountain Can Save You? [ Zxuan Fanny ] EVOS•ZxShark♡ Fanny Mobile Legends Build

Player : EVOS•ZxShark♡ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfdCL080XtHYYvyF25j5ocQ
Team : EVOS eSports SG
Highest Rank : Mythical Glory
Emblem : Custom Assassin emblem (Bravery, Invasion, Bounty Hunter)
Battle Spells : Retribution
Build : Bloodlust Axe, Warrior Boots, Magic Blade, Athena’s Shield, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen, Blade of Despair.
(He upgrade Magic Blade to Rose Gold Meteor after buying Wings of the Apocalypse Queen)
Set Nimble Blade as recommend item at the start of the match, and sell it after buying 5th item (Wings of the Apocalypse Queen).
Swap Warrior Boots to Immortality at late game.


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Music :

Ruby Theme Song Intro :
NIVIRO – The Return [NCS Official Video]

New King Theme Intro
Vicetone vs. Popeska Ft. Luciana – The New Kings

Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]

Outro 1 :
I use the middle part of the song as Outro
Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]

Outro: 2:
it’s different – Shadows (feat. Miss Mary) [NCS Release]

Shadow Fight 2 – Fanny Skylark vs Shadow | Gameplay ML

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  1. He plays like yasue.

  2. Zkuan mirip robot

  3. bnyk hero CC pun.. Kalau player fanny tu pro xda guna jugak sbb damagenya yg sakit. Dr passive nya dh 30% damage dr cable combo tambah lagi ulti 20% damage. Kalau pro, mm n mage boleh settle dlm sekelip mata. Majoriti player fanny x pernah tolong team push bila ada peluang. Malah join war. Boleh fanny farm tapi ego sbb semua player akan join war.. ITUPUN kalau pro fanny. Sepatutnya fanny HARUS DI NERF dari bonus damage nya. Fanny memang dh OP dari EARLY GAME.. MID GAME dan LATE GAME.. apa salahnya nerf kan fanny sedangkan HERO LAIN SELALU di NERF. HERO LAMA sekarang mcm x laku disebabkan damage yg kecil dan kurang CC skill. Boleh dikatakan moonton nie PILIH KASIH PLAYER.. Maklumla player akan report ke MOONTON yang hero ini hero itu TERLALU OP. aku kesian dengan player yang jenis x reti nak counter hero lain. Game ML nie perlu ada strategi. bukan target nak kill damage, farming sampai late game. NO. cuba tengok DOTA.. Boleh pulak main strategi. Bukan aku sorg ja yg x suka fanny.. Ramai lagi cuma x mampu buat apa2 sebab MOONTON PILIH KASIH. Kepada moonton, please.. Tengok SEMUA VIDEO FANNY DLM YOUTUBE. Kebanyakan player dah reti pakai fanny. Player suka pakai fanny sebab dia OP "OVER POWER"Aku berharap sangat yang fanny kena nerf. Kalau hero lain boleh nerf.. Takkan fanny tak boleh nerf.. KAN

  4. subsribe for subsribe back

  5. subsribe for subsribe back

  6. gg jga tuh bang couny,spa itu,bukn papi donkey kn

  7. kok tumben zxuan tidak tau arah kabel aneh?
    di menit 1.14

  8. seharusnya zxuan masuk guinnes world records

  9. Zxuan emang patut di juluki raja fanny

  10. Me getting 10 deaths per game with fanny

  11. Hi sir idol, can you give me a skin of martis or gusion sir? 🙂


  13. Nobody survives the mighty zxuan

  14. Jdul ending apa??

  15. At what mythical Glory+ are all the good fanny out there at? last time I check I mange to reached around mythical glory 50 stars last season but still haven't really met a single good fanny player like those on YouTube. I really couldn't wait to meet a good fanny player like all those player on YouTube. My lust for pro fanny cannot be quelled. Even I'm ready to cum on my screen.

  16. I think Zxshark is Zxuan's gf

  17. what is the name of this song..??

  18. Before tis all person want zxuan expose his face….. after he do tht wtf all person hate him….. anyway nice video

  19. Hey there! im trying to open a yt channel,
    please check out my first video!

  20. Best sensitivity for fanny?

  21. He is not zxuan like before…
    Or actually he is not zxuan although.. Haha

  22. Where is the zxuan I admire before ???
    Sorry bad English

  23. Yasue is now the best

  24. Subscribe My Chanel Bro

  25. Subscribe akun yt saya yahh

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  27. Zxuan kan gw yg ngajarinn

  28. Hallu is still the best he got Savage inside turret.Yea I know Zx also got savage inside turret but that was BEFORE the nerf while hallu got it after the nerf.

  29. nice bro.fanny pro.cn u donate me skins

  30. Come on y’all really gonna compare zxuan to others? Lmao jokers on ML

  31. Lodiiiiii 👌👌👌🤘🤘🤘

  32. Zxuan THE GOOD of fanny

  33. Wanna see Tz zxuan gameplay???
    Play the video at 1.25x speed

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