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Fanny Top Player: м√ρ•ZX ML

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Zxuan Fanny Gameplay – OVERKILL – Top Global Fanny by м√ρ•ZX ML – Mobile Legends

A brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown against real Human opponents,
all the fun of PC MOBAs and action games in the palm of your hands! Shatter your opponents with the touch of your finger and claim the crown of Strongest Challenger! Mobile Legends!

Fanny In Brawl Mode??!! (ML Funny Momments)

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  1. Zxuan baru 3rb an match

  2. Real zxuan doesnt get the axe jungle item lol and never gets booties ( boots)

  3. i never see you spam the wall, but you still crush the wall whene you cathing enemy. yea your not true zxuan. you only want money from your content. sorry i have bad grammer

  4. that was fake man you're suck, Zxuan never have second account

  5. This is not me!! It’s a fake account, please do not fall for it. I only have an account that is NOT sold, with only 3000 matches.

  6. FAKE Zeeks one

  7. zxuan doesnt use pillagers axe

  8. That is not Zxuan, someone else is playing it

  9. Its his GF, the one on his profile a while ago

  10. What is the id or ign

  11. Question pls is zxuan girl or boy? I wanted it to know for some special reason

  12. I think its the account buyer

  13. this is fake, zxuan's first build is bloodlust axe not boots

  14. hah.. fake zxuan.. u only want viewer's and likers thats all.. sorry this is not a real zxuan..check his main and fb.. i believe the real said

  15. WHY OTHERS WANT TO COPIES OTHER PRO PLAYERS?? nah, the one who copy other players name and trashtalking players are the true noob

  16. Ketauan banget dia main di pc makanya skill nya nurun

  17. Are u saying that she made a new profile and played 4000 games in some days lmao

  18. fake zxun poor skin mythic player I think its epic or legend play

  19. Fake zxuan, zxuan not use Deff jungle, whats name this item iam forget -,,- .

  20. Zxuan come backkk plzzz 😥

    This is mad jhony as I've heard…he dreams to be a girl one day

  22. Hercules itu bukan zxuan

  23. Fake zuan, miss old zuan ,i can see that play , not aggressive at all, the real zuan is very aggressive

  24. Fake zxuan too slow skills

  25. fake zx cause of (nible balde)

  26. Zxuan plse come back we miss you its been a month we didn't see you.😧

  27. i think its hercules

  28. Fake tolol lu, zxuan ga pernah pakai sepatu

  29. Fuk u elektro liar shit go to hell dont lia just 2 have view dumb

  30. Fakeeeee wtf zx never use boots and she always buys blood lust axe 1st not blade of 7th seven seasfake so fake

  31. try to understand people he was once popular but now he is not known so he needs a boost inorder to be popular again i bet he will change name again after he is popular

  32. fake but still skills are impressive

  33. fake but still skills are impressive

  34. Fake zxuan proof? This Fanny user is ex top global Fanny his name is Hercules and zxuan is not from Indonesia he come from Singapore im a fan of Hercules now im really dissapointed that he wants attention and popularity by copying the most famous Fanny user 💔

  35. This is Hercules 😀

  36. Thats fake zxuan

  37. not zxuan..he is hercules

  38. such a disgrace to Zx name, his name now is FallenZx and he hasn't reached 4k matches with Fanny yet.

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