Fanny Full Build : / Warrior Boots / Bloodlust Axe / Rose Gold Meteor / Athena´s Shield / Blade of Despair / Wings of the Apocalypse Queen /

Fanny Rank Player: zχυαи镇


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ZXUAN OVERKILL | Fanny Gameplay Tips & Build by zχυαи镇 | Top 1 Global Fanny | Mobile Legends

A brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown against real Human opponents,
all the fun of PC MOBAs and action games in the palm of your hands! Shatter your opponents with the touch of your finger and claim the crown of Strongest Challenger! Mobile Legends!


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  1. Hey man zxuan is'nt top anyomore

  2. 2:00
    enemies: ahah we finally kill you
    fanny : not ended
    2:16 teiple kill

  3. Good build noob whe you play its depend in player lol


  5. Lol the blue buff has joind the battle

  6. Ever since i copy this build im been better with her

    Edit: thank u so much i will sub

  7. Plssss give me skin of fanny..

    Name of acc: ban080818

  8. This Hero Is Imbalance?

  9. you hellp me buff you noob

  10. Plz can you give me fanny new skin 😔😔

  11. "Travelling buff"

  12. Ml iklannya aov dasar goblok

  13. Can you teach me how to use it because i want to be pro like you in fanny

  14. 4:51 why the buff not gaining health?

  15. I got 11 4 3KDA

    100% of the kills were stolen

  16. Can you pls teach meeeee

  17. How did you master fanny?🤑😰😰

  18. Kocak banget scene akhirnya…

  19. zχυαи눚웆ᎪmᎪᏃᎥᏁᎶ

  20. Lol zxuan is very good never take enemy buff

  21. Ive mastered fanny but my prob is my hands are always cold

  22. I call it the zxuan dance

  23. zxuan omg i loveeeee him

  24. 4:37 ngakak njir buff nya ikutan war wkw

  25. I feel sorry for the buff 4:20😂

  26. Bait is the trick

  27. hi mr Zuan im your bigest fan when it comes to using fanny .. i hope i be like you some day

  28. One day I will kill this god of fanny zhuan by fanny after watch this video OH GOOD LORD

  29. My fave is z4pnu and hes Filipino and I am a Filipino too

  30. Classic haha wtf look at this noobs Wtf fanny lv 11 they are lv7 how is this possible Hahha playing normal on classic is not event possible

  31. Omg tornado is real

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