Zeta Alpha Mobile legends: Best Moments 3 , Higlights, Wtf, Savage and much more about the Rank 1 Fanny Zxuan tz·zχuαи 小璐, member of Titanz!

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Tutorial FreeStyle Fanny Bagi pemula #2

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  1. its super cool and i,m your fan i know how to use fanny to


  2. That is when fannys energy was godly her energy now is rubbish

  3. i wish they turn back that energy regeneration fck

  4. Skin idol xuan please

  5. He will always be the no. 1 fanny❤❤

  6. My Name (Mini Walker)

  7. give mw skin fanny doctor name ko ay 1 v1 tayo

  8. I want.Compus youth or.skylart pliz .Im ur fan ..I use watch all ur vid ..forgot like and sub sory

  9. Amazing, 3 cabels In 2 sec

  10. I don't know that fanny is this much insane.

  11. I miss it when he was still the best and there was still bloodthristy king

  12. I m big fan of zuan… N inspired by him
    Skin-Martis (TYRANT)

  13. 2:28 omg that tornado 😨

  14. The regen effect of energy of fanny was high but now. Use 4 cables and the energy will empty

  15. That energy wtf?

  16. I think there's no counter
    For zxuan after he left he asked xifinity to be next fanny god

  17. Chasing emm like Animals

  18. I watch the zxuan tutorial fanny cause i wanna master all assassin and my target is fanny he was so awesome to all of fanny user i known

  19. Z4pnu zx is a perfect combination

  20. 3:45 I need to learn this -.-

  21. I love how the music always fits on what’s happening in the video❤️

  22. Z4pnu vs Zxuan like if you agree!

  23. He's Freaking Dope And I Even Barely do 3 cables

  24. zx gets mad go zxuan love this vid

  25. Whats the title of the song

  26. dont buy fanny, i suggest! it will cost u a lot of practice lol

  27. Wow savage it's amazing

  28. I want skin campusyouth

  29. Idol zxuan i like how yu play want to be like yu

  30. my name is Kyrie irving&01 I want campus youth pleas give me a skin

  31. How many fanny players are watching this video multiple times een tough fanny was nerf

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